More Air Time

Real springs means real bounce. This is why PowerSpring is the market leader in combining performance with peace of mind safety. 

PowerSpring trampolines have the largest springs in the market, and each 11’’ spring packs the power of up to 113 lbs of force. The combined 72 springs of the trampoline can potentially generate up to 8,000 lbs of force. A PowerSpring trampoline means a smooth, soft, yet powerful jump and max air time every time, especially compared to springless trampolines. 

The 11’’ springs are durable, and tested to last up to 100,000 jumps and beyond. 

Maximum Safety

PowerSpring has patented technology to ensure safety for every jumper, every time. The double net enclosure prevents potential impact. The micromesh enclosure net keeps little fingers from being caught. The patent-pending inner spring cover protects jumpers from the potential gap between the mat and springs. The patented water anchor system keeps the PowerSpring trampoline stable and grounded in up to 96mph winds, equivalent to a Category 1 hurricane. 

The PS1600 weighs 485 lbs.  The heavy duty materials give it weight, which means more stability and more safety, compared to other lighter weight trampolines on the market.

All PowerSpring trampolines meet or exceed the American Society for Testing Materials standard (ASTM) and Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA) standards, ensuring safety for the entire family.

We’ve built PowerSpring trampolines with the most protection possible during every jump. However, supervision is always best. Please ensure that an adult is always present to supervise kids while they use a trampoline.

Premium Materials

Every PowerSpring trampoline is created with the highest quality materials. The Tencate Permatron trampoline jump mat is made with polypropylene and carbon for a smooth, stabilized surface. 

The durable PVC trampoline mat cover is made with high density PE foam. The jump mat has been tested to 5000 UV hours and the double net enclosure with micromesh has been UV treated and tested for up to 1000 hours. All of the PowerSpring pads, mat, foam and double net enclosure meet or exceed the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) and Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA) standards. 

The solid 3’’ galvanized and powder coated steel frame and the galvanized, 11’’ coil springs are rust resistant. The steel frame weighs in at 485 lbs, far exceeding the lightweight competitors in the market for strength and stability. The PowerSpring trampoline frame, legs, and poles have a lifetime guarantee.


From 1 end of the frame to the other end of the frame - 186.5 in (15ft 6inches)

From 1 end of water anchor to the other end of water anchor - 211.75 in (17ft  8in) 

From 1 end of the jump mat to the other end of the  jump mat - 157.75 in  (13ft 2in)

Jump mat triangle ring to end of spring 13.5 in

Height from top of enclosure pole to ground - 111 in ( 9ft 3in)

Best Warranty in its class

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We built PowerSpring trampolines to last and stand the test of time.  That’s why we give a lifetime warranty on our frame, legs, poles and springs. 

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